My name is Elías Torres, Creative Director and an all around design enthusiast and of good taste.
When I was barely a years old, the only way possible to make me stop crying was to sit me in front of the TV to watch adverts. But, happily, nowadays I’m a bit more mature and, a part from still enjoying adverts, I have made a living from it.
I’ve worked for top-end brands such as The Coca-Cola Company, Vodafone, ING... and at renown advertising agencies like McCann, LOLA and Sra Rushmore.
A Strong Marathon... viewer. So much so, that when I received a call from Sky, I felt as if Friends were making a sequel.
I’m a great fan of cooking, ceramics and getting rid of ideas when they don’t work. Yes, I don’t mind pulling my sooks up.
Then and again, I enjoy teaching future creatives on how to conceptualise and to develop ideas. Not to mention, I usually give them good marks, because you never know who might be your next boss ;)
Still here? Get in touch and let's meet up. My mother always says I’m better in person.