Sky Spain offered a careful selection of pay TV channels, shows, films and documentaries. The platform combined the best live entertainment with a wide catalog of on-demand content. In addition, the platform's clients could exclusively enjoy original productions, such as: Patrick Melrose, Gomorra, El Inmortal, Chernobyl, El Milagro, Catalina The Great...
To generate greater coherence in all brand communications, we created with Branward a Brand book developing a series of brand guidelines and adapting the writing to each medium, facilitating the creation of messages according to what Sky represented, aligning the tone and personality with that of its target audience, bearing in mind that we could not address ourselves to series lovers the same as those fascinated by history documentaries.
We wanted to do an awareness campaign that would explain what Sky is, but the product is very different from other players such as Movistar, HBO, Netflix... Which makes it difficult for us to explain such a complex product in graphic formats, that's why instead of telling what it is Sky, we decided with Mono Madrid to arouse curiosity, communicating what Sky is not, so that people would discover it on, making the brand memory greater, directly involving the consumer.
- Sky is not a planet. Sky is not an airline. Sky is not a sandwich in Turkish. Discover what Sky is at -
After two weeks of confinement in Spain due to COVID, going out to the streets was dangerous, but many people were looking for excuses to skip the confinement.
From Sky we launched a campaign of digital OOH with spoilers of our content to raise awareness.
- The Sixth Sense protagonist was dead. If you don't want spoilers, #StayHome. - 

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